Weekly highlights

With all the negativity going around these days (read the news for an update), I've decided to focus on the highlights from my week. No, I'm not bypassing the news. I will eventually write about it, but right now I'll share things I've bought, things I've read, things that made me smile, etc., because I need a little bit of sunshine.

  1. I love these paintings I purchased from Kayla Arroy, who I met on Instagram. The layered colors remind me of West Texas.
  2. I can't wait to receive this amazing bag from Oddballl Vintage based in Austin. I'm such a bag lady and it's hand painted and leather. Win.
  3. I spent the past five days at Marfa Poetry Festival listening to fellow writers and watching musicians such as Joyero, Josh Jones, Rob Mazurek and Christopher Owens. I think it's a great debut year and I can see this festival grow each year.
  4. I'm participating in Popsugar Reading Challenge this year. I was a little burned out from my journalism job, so I needed to remind myself why I love to read again. I'm off to a very late start, but I'm determine to check everything off before the clock strikes 12 on NYE.
  5. A former classmate Barak Tamayo is selling merch he's designed online. I sat across from him in our fifth grade class and he was always drawing something, so he going into the designing world is no surprise to me. I bought a cell phone case with "100% Texican" (because I am), and a sweatshirt with "The Walking Decaffeinated" (I can't wait to wear this while I work at the coffeeshop).